With 25 years of experience our specialized personnel delivers services ensuring quality assured and efficient processes in construction, commissioning and operations.

Our goal is for the project’s progress to always be sequenced in accordance with the schedule while maintaining the client’s operational requirements. Our personnel ensures a quality assured project process to achieve a safe production start-up. 

Omega’s services supports all phases of construction, work preparations and planning as well as the execution of commissioning and start-up activities. We offer expertise in concept development, project execution preparation and assistance in all operational aspects. 

With our Pims software, Omega provides prover project management tools, ready to be customize to suit each client’s requests for all phases in construction, commissioning and operations. 

Job Location Published
Jobsettere - Instrument (3) Stavanger 29 Nov 2019
Jobsetter – Electro Stavanger 26 Nov 2019
Senior Engineer - Cable Design Oslo 26 Nov 2019
Instrument Engineer (2) Stavanger 26 Nov 2019
Mechanical Package Engineer, Compressor Specialist Stavanger 22 Nov 2019

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Gisle Heggebø

General Manager, Omega Areal
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 918 68 690

Johannes Eide

Project Consultants Manager
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 918 74 731

Mark Brand

VP - Consulting Services
Houston, USA
(+1) 281 822 3036

Michael Critch

CEO, NSB Omega
St. John’s, Canada
(+1) (709) 7530674

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