Omega has more than 25 years of experience, serving complex projects worldwide with project management expertise, services and software, contributing to an efficient and quality assured project progress meeting our client’s requirements. 

Our dedicated consultant team offers expertise in all areas of project management, based on extensive experience from projects in oil and gas, industry, health care, IT & Telecom. Omega’s personnel offer overall project management, or management of the project’s certain disciplines and phases. 

Our consultant has experience from all disciplines, and ensures safe and steady project process meeting the clients requirements, needs and schedule. Omega expertise supports clients in planning and execution of the progress of the overall project, or distinct disciplines. 

We also provide Pims, a project management tool including modules developed for complex project management processes. Our project management system can me customized for each project, with modules tailor made for each process of project management.

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Wenche Ingunn Tindeland

Project Consultants Manager
Oslo, Norway
(+47) 98286910

Pablo Tveita

Project Consultants Manager
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 90522184

Mark Brand

VP - Consulting Services
Houston, USA
(+1) 281 822 3036

Michael Critch

CEO, NSB Omega
St. John’s, Canada
(+1) (709) 7530674

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