With more than 15 years’ experience, Omega Subsea provides expertise in onshore operations, engineering projects, offshore and site project management, contract and commercial. 

Omega’s subsea personnel provides total project management and project support services to all projects subsea, in-house or at the customer premises. 

Our subsea expertise delivers project management to both E&P and contracting companies. 

Services includes project support, HSEQ support, procurement, logistical and HR support, and financial management. 

Our engineers and project personnel assists in subsea interventions, installations and marine operations. Our expertise also include specialized and experienced offshore personnel. 

Job Location Published
Marine Specialist Bergen/Stavanger 13 Nov 2019

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Øyvind Lunde

Branch Manager, Omega Subsea
Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 954 51 000

Andreas Hveding Aubert

CFO, Omega Subsea
Bergen, Norway
(+47) 480 14 070

Alistair McKee

Managing Director, Omega Subsea UK
Aberdeen, UK
(+44) 1467 894 055

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