With long-term experience from a number complex projects, Omega provides expertise covering all fields of Supply Chain Management for clients, both private and public. 

Omega’s Supply Chain management personnel supports large scale projects worldwide, for clients in oil and gas, infrastructure, Health care and IT Telecom & Services. 

Our personnel provides project management and coordination services for contracted activities in Supply Chain Management on a daily basis. 

Omega's expertise offer services in sourcing, procurement, logistics, contracts and commercial, ensuring full coverage of our client’s requests in the field of Supply Chain Management. Our resource base has wide experience offering expertise in all supply chain activities, ensuring full oversight and coordinating materials, information and finances between client, contractors and suppliers in the project.

Job Location Published
Innkjøper Trondheim 21 Nov 2019
PRB - Innkjøp (2) Stavanger 18 Nov 2019
Sub Contract Specialist Haugesund 01 Oct 2019

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Kari B. Bauer Sandal

Project Consultants Manager
Bergen, Norway
(+47) 982 86 965

Kristin Jæger

Project Consultants Manager
Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 906 61 555

Mark Brand

VP - Consulting Services
Houston, USA
(+1) 281 822 3036

Michael Critch

CEO, NSB Omega
St. John’s, Canada
(+1) (709) 7530674

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