Dedicated to help our clients with the challenges and projects they meet in the infrastructure and building sector, Omega provides the knowledge and skills to enable progress.

Omega can boast a long history within the infrastructure and building industry. Having established Omega Areal in 1997, Omega took a step towards acquiring the competency needed to provide clients with quality solutions within architecture and construction. Omega delivers personnel and software within the industry, the company can deliver services within a range of disciplines in the sector.

Understanding the needs of clients, Omega’s team can provide the competency and tools needed to complete projects of every scale. With Omega’s global expansion, clients both home and abroad can take advantage of the services provided.

Serving areas such as Rail, Public and Civil, Building Facilities and HVAC, traffic, security and urban planning, water and waste management, utilities and distribution, Omega can accommodate a majority of the needs of clients within the infrastructure and building sector.

Omega’s Project Information Management Systems, Pims, enables efficient processes and routine checkups to take place. By using the Pims modules that are tailored to solve functions and tasks that are common features in every project, clients are ensured a proper follow-up.

Job Location Published
Sivilingeniør/senioringeniør – prosjekt- og byggeleder Stord 30 Apr 2019
Sivilingeniør – konstruksjon Stord 30 Apr 2019
Sivil/Master Ingeniør og Sivil/Master Arkitekt Stord, Frakkagjerd og Ølensvåg 19 Dec 2018

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Arvid Grønvoll

Project Consultants Manager
(+47) 982 86 876

Johannes Eide

Project Consultants Manager
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 918 74 731

Gisle Heggebø

General Manager, Omega Areal
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 918 68 690

Svein Tore Haraldseid

General Manager, Project systems
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 982 86 898

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