Serving major fields in the IT Telecom Services sector, Omega delivers project personnel, software tools, and solutions needed to complete projects of every scale.

Within IT Telecom Omega has had a focus directed towards sales and marketing, legal, non-profit, care and welfare, and finance. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Omega is a trusted brand and can boast competency and results.

Omega’s knowledge base is continually expanding do to the culture of innovation both in the main company and in the subsidiary companies. In 2008, the company developed an advanced welfare program for their employees called “Advantage”. Only a couple of years later, the company received the regional innovation and research prize for developing the improvement and feedback tool, Improve.

Building on Omega’s innovative spirit, the company proves its belonging in the IT Telecom services sector where there the goal is to keep up with the latest innovations and provide innovations of their own. With this culture in the company, clients are ensured innovative solutions, resourceful personnel and proven software solutions to suit their needs.

Job Location Published
IOC Backend Developer Bergen - Sandsli 19 Nov 2019
Automation - ICT/ Cyber Security Oslo 01 Oct 2019
Systemuvikler - mobilapputvikling Ølensvåg 23 Apr 2019

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Arne Jon Myskja

IT-Architect, Omega IT-Arkitekter
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 982 14 722

Ole Tveit Mannes

Manager - IT Architects
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 90178899

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