Senior Completion Engineer with experience in completion planning and activities: subsea well head system and dual activity rig, horizontal drilling, drilling operations, drill fluids and cement, field experience and risk analysis.

- Design and plan well completion for platform and subsea wells.
- Assist in preparation of completion programme.
- Responsible for well completion, SPS, well intervention systems and applicable procedures.
- Responsible for overall technical integrity of well design and well execution program / plans with reference to the completion aspects.
- Responsible for cost effective well design programs that meet business goals and life cycle standards.
- Follow up of primary and contingency Well intervention systems and equipment ready for operation.
- Planning and engineering of completion operations in order to achieve technical objectives in safe, efficient and cost effective manner.
- Preparing completion programs including all information as specified in Company procedure.
- Preparing estimated cost breakdown of wells to be completed or worked over.

- Relevant BSc or MSc will be an advantage.
- 5 years completion engineering experience in well operation activity, or less if attended specific training/school in subsea completion and drilling.
- Completion planning and activities: Subsea well head system and dual activity rig, horizontal drlg, Drilling Operations, Dril.Fluids & Cement & Cem.Op.Design/Operat., field experience, Risk analysis
- Standards: Experience of design and operations under prevailing Norwegian standards and particularly NORSOK D010, D01, M01, OLF017, etc.
- High Profile Drilling: Extended Reach Drilling, Hp/Ht Drilling, Wellbore Stability/Sand Production/Prediction & Control.
- Software: Landmark Drilling Suite (Compass, Stress Check, Well Plan), Peloton WellViewSpecialist knowledge of completion equipment, subsea completion systems,
- Blow Out Preventer systems, and modern rig equipment and handling methods.
- Understanding of fluids/hydraulics, pressure, stress & strain relationships.
- Understanding of petroleum engineering, reservoir properties, flow equations.

Duration ASAP - 1 year
Location Stavanger

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