- Be part of a scrum team and have the ability to work on different type of tasks.

- Skilled in Python (required) and also either C# or Java used in web app/API development
- Skilled with databases (SQL, possibly also InfluxDB)
- Experience with REST microservices in Azure
- Experience with TDD, DevOps, Git, Docker, and maybe Kubernetes
- Adaptive and collaborative
- Proactive, be able to take initiative
- Agile mindset
- Willing to work in startup mode, where everything is not defined and ready
- Willing to push area of competence to help the team explore technology alternatives and help improving understanding of needs Role will be developing API*s it's important that the consultant have been using Python for this purpose.
- It is quite important to have adaptable and flexible profile.
- Language requirement: English

Duration ASAP - 27.11.2020
Location Bergen - Sandsli

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