Pims Collaboration

Achieve results and improvements through cooperation, sharing and interaction.

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Pims Collaboration

Achieve results and improvements through cooperation, sharing and interaction.

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  • Share documents and information in a structured way with Teamdoc
  • Create better and more efficient meetings with Agenda
  • Establish a continual improvement culture with Improve
  • Organize tasks with Planner
  • Manage and follow up Actions
  • Invite others to participate and get involved
  • Tag and search content for easy filtering and retrieval
  • Available for anyone from PC, tablet or smartphone with standard browser.


Teamdoc is designed to support team or project based work where structures cooperation and information sharing is required. You may register new members or existing Pims users to participate. Create posts, under a Section and name the Subject, add attachments, comments, emails or actions associated with the post. Stay updated by subscription to changes and latest updates.


Agenda is a collaborative tool for the preparation, execution and follow up of meetings. Invite new participants or existing Pims users to the platform. Participants can join preparation of a structured meeting agenda. Add notes, actions, decisions and relevant attachments to the agenda. Follow up on meetings by logging the minutes of the meeting, support approval processes, distribute MoM (Minutes of Meeting) and update actions.


Improve is a reporting and feedback tool that enables a continual improvement culture. It is easy to report an issue or incident and to follow up and track the issue or incident until it has been verified and closed. Define areas of improvement and identify the person responsible for the area, and follow up on the different statuses of your case. It is possible to add comments, attachment and actions to an issue or incident for flexible and efficient processing.


With Planner you can define recurring and sequential actions to reflect best practice or standard routines in your organization. They can be assigned to standard roles with the responsible persons named.


Actions assigned to you within Teamdoc, Agenda, Improve or Planner are all gathered in your personal action inbox. Actions are listed below the corresponding folder and according to their status controlled by you. This helps you prioritize and focus on the most important tasks.

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
(+47) 9828 6898
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