Pims Completion Management

Smooth and timely system handovers project wide.

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Pims Completion Management

Smooth and timely system handovers project wide

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  • Achieve timely and transparent handover of systems
  • Efficient field inspection and punching available by using tablets (e.g. iPad) or barcoded checklists
  • Optimized to be shared over the internet with clients, contractors and vendors
  • Extensive suite of common checklists, reports and projects settings available
  • Visual presentation of the project hierarchy and status using the project explorer and project look ahead
  • Ability to configure and customize the system to meet dynamic project requirements
  • Benefit from powerful import and data-validation features
  • Designed to handle greenfield, brownfield and turnaround projects

Project Explorer

Pims Completion Management's Project Explorer offers a tree-structured system view which displays the status of completion at any level, checklists completed and outstanding, punch lists details, and subsystems ready to be handed over.

Users can drill down from a high level to their desired level and multiple structures are available which can be tailored to the needs of various users and project phases.

Project Explorer provides graphical charting and links to relevant status reports, documentation and file attachments.


Pims provides a suite of predefined checklists. The checklists are easily configurable by the administrators and project specific checklists can be added quickly.

All checklists are available in electronic format (e.g. iPad) or paper based with barcodes. 

Using the tablet option users can easily document status of inspection by taking pictures and signing the checklists electronically.

Paper-based checklists are designed to be scanned (via pdf). The system will detect the barcode and automatically update the status along with any attachments. The printing of checklists is made more efficient by allowing the user to print batches of checklists based on system, discipline, tag number and other configurable fields.

Punch items

Pims comes with a highly configurable punch module. Punch items can be cleared electronically, in paper form or based on barcodes. Punch items can also be imported from external sources such as MS Excel.

Several graphical and tabular reports are available in Pims that show trends and status at the desired levels.

Project Look Ahead 

The Project Look Ahead gives the user a visual representation of the work ahead by combining the planned handover dates and the completion status in the system. Color coding and punch indicators are available for easy indications of any show stoppers. The project look ahead has been proven to be a very useful tool in weekly team meetings to follow up progress and contractors.

Commissioning procedures

Pims Commissioning procedures combines the latest status from the database with written procedures. Completion of commissioning activities can be done using tablets in the field, enabling both progress reporting and increasing the visibility of field execution.

Procedures can combine various information and reports such as; lists and descriptions of prerequisites, inline reports, activity lists, checklists and other attachments.


Pims supports the handover of single, multiple or part subsystems. Handovers can be performed electronically or in hard copy.

The system will help you with generating the handover documentation and can include:

  • Certificates
  • Handover checklists
  • Reports (e.g. outstanding punch)
  • Drawings and documents
  • Checklists with attachments
  • Additional attachments

Import and data updates 

Pims offers a very rich and efficient user interface giving the administrators several options for quickly setting up the project including: 

  • Import of data from sources like Excel, Access, CSV files 
  • Mass update functions within the system 
  • Automatic setup based on rules and tag function codes 

Subsystems can be broken down into completion packages, containing one or multiple disciplines. The definition of completion packages makes it easier to ensure progressive handovers.


Pims Completion Management allows users to enable and follow up preservation programs when equipment arrives at site.

A suite of preservation checklists are included as part of the system.

Pims can produces weekly work list, report findings and report preservation status.

MC Handbook (PDF)

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
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