Pims Contract Management

Full control of the entire contract lifecycle.

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Pims Contract Management

Full control of the entire contract lifecycle

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  • Manage tenders and all contract types
  • Ensure consistency, accuracy and security of all contracts
  • Utilize an archive of standard contract templates
  • Maintain an update history on all contracts being revised or modified
  • Administer intellectual property agreements (licenses, patents, trademarks etc.)
  • Monitor deadlines and alerts of important events and changes

Full contract lifecycle management

  • Build and maintain contracts: Pre-Award and RFT, Events, Reviews, Key Personnel, Schedules, Rules and Evaluation, Bidding, Supplier/Vendor Selection Criteria, Budgeting, Insurance, Guarantees, Tracking of variations, Amendments, Claims, Change Management 
  • Maintain vendor details: Contracts, Prequalification, Performance measurement and reporting
  • Maintain documentation: Generate documents from templates, Import documents from other sources, Check-In/Check-Out, Version control
  • Reporting: Regular, Ad-Hoc, Email Notifications, Dashboards, KPIs, Drill-down reporting
  • Security: Several levels of security management, User groups adapted to organizational structure, access control (down to individual users)
  • Contract: Deal database, Document templates, Document management, Insurance, Guarantees
  • Execution and tracking: Events, Action items, Financial information, Payments/spend, Variations
  • Performance review: Meetings, Financial results, Supplier reviews
  • Deal close out: All obligations cease


Electronic contracts are housed in a centralized repository and retrieved on demand. Integrated workflow and execution tools keep you posted as the agreement takes shape and finalizes. Expiry dates and other milestones are flagged, enabling you to mind your business on time and on schedule.

Contract compliance

A standardized process for contract management encourages all contract stakeholders to follow the rules on the operational, contractual and regulatory levels. Automated tracking and reporting enforce the contract boundaries, and a full audit trail aids in satisfying regulatory requirements.

Shorter contract lifecycles

Flexible processes and workflows facilitate collaborative contract authoring and negotiation. Standardized contract templates minimize bottlenecks, accelerate contract creation and legal approval. 

Fast deployment on a tight budget

Pims enables you to be up and running in “no time”, realizing faster time-to-value. Omega’s global services team can assist with implementation, training, program design, and contract conversion to ensure rapid adoption and ongoing success. Omega maintains the software, and as our client you benefit from our innovations and upgrades.

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
(+47) 9828 6898
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