Pims Experience and Benchmarking

Streamline project experience collection and analysis.

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Pims Experience and Benchmarking

Streamline project experience collection and analysis

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  • Streamline data collection
  • Access data from ongoing and completed projects
  • Perform benchmark analyses
  • Compare data between projects
  • Update estimate manuals and key figures efficiently
  • Choose between numerous reporting options
  • Find experience data using a comprehensive search engine
  • Utilize data import capabilities

Experience data collection

Pims Experience and Benchmarking promotes the efficient collection of experience data from ongoing and completed projects. The product streamlines data collection and data extraction, making it easy to compare and perform benchmark analyses. The user saves time administering data collection and can instead focus on the analysis itself.

Experience data feed

Wherever project data is available, it can be captured – regardless of category or project level. Experience data is categorized into cost, weight, key figures, equipment, plan and design data. Once initiated, the input of data can continue, whenever necessary, throughout the project’s lifetime.

Experience data coding

Pims Experience and Benchmarking is coded based on the standard Cost Coding System (SCCS), which provides the basis for comparison of data between projects. The product’s Cost Categories setup form means any specific cost-coding system can be implemented in the system. Data import from various systems is made simple via the product’s import engine, through which all fields can be mapped to related fields.

Complex data collection

The system supports the collection of numerous data types across various locations in complex project environments.

Historical market price changes, location factors such as productivity, and rules and regulations (SCCS administration) can all be collected for analysis.

Various multi-project operational methods are available for both detailed and summarized reporting options. Numerous search criteria options simplify the subsequent data extraction work sessions.

Personalized analysis support

Users can adapt Pims Experience and Benchmarking to suit the unique needs of their project situation. The product’s Personal Workspace allows for the elevation of pertinent data, while the Project Portfolio feature assists analysis by offering graphic reports of an entire project portfolio at any point in time. Personal workspaces can be compared and aggregated via the Crosstab Builder.

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Project Systems Manager
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