Pims Interface Management

Track all Interface Requests between contractors and internal departments.

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Pims Interface Management

Identify and implement interface solutions for ideal information exchange.

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  • Track all Interface Requests between contractors and internal departments
  • Ensure processes are followed up correctly and efficiently with Built-in workflow
  • Send email notifications to users regarding upcoming actions
  • Implement Drill-down Dashboards to help management track project status
  • Minimize user training by using the intuitive web-based user interface
  • Maintain a zero footprint - no software installation required for normal users

Interface Requests

  • Direct communication between scopes (delivery teams) with optional involvement of Company
  • Identify and register all Interface Requests
  • Manage access level restrictions by scope (delivery team)
  • Utilize built-in workflow with approvals and automatic email notifications
  • Assign work to roles and/or persons
  • Assign delegates while out of office
  • Use automated email notifications - users are notified about next required actions
  • Export Interface Requests with related documents/attachments
  • Utilize support for multiple revisions of Interface Requests
  • Optionally identify and register all Interface Points

Access the reports you need

  • Keep Management up to date with drilldown project dashboards
  • Access relevant Interface reports such as:
    • Overdue reports
    • Look ahead reports
    • Status reports
    • Register reports
  • Create and manage custom reports
  • Monitor Scope performance by project
  • Use the flexible filter generator to help find the exact data you require
  • Share custom report filters with other users
  • Export reports as PDF and Excel files


The following administrative tasks can be performed by a global or project administrator:

  • Add new projects and administer existing projects
  • Define packages (delivery teams) and members
  • Define all dropdown values relevant to the project
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Manage roles and roles members
  • Transfer signature responsibilities between users
  • View audit log and email log

Jakob Henrik Nilsen

Pims Product Management Owner
Department Manager (+47) 9828 6842 jakobn@omega.no

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
(+47) 9828 6898
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