Pims Quality Management

Elevate project standards.

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Pims Quality Management

Elevate project standards.

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  • Build and maintain quality activity schedules (incl. audit and examination teams and roles)
  • Create checklists for various audits and examinations
  • Prepare and distribute audit and examination reports
  • Trigger audits and examinations based on risk assessments
  • Process concession and deviation requests efficiently using Pims’ Workflow features
  • Interact with contractors on the web

Audits and examinations

Pims Quality Management provides a program whereby quality activities can be defined and scheduled. Responsibilities are assigned to team members and set appropriate due dates.

Information emails are sent directly, informing relevant parties of upcoming audits or examinations. In addition general information about audits or examinations, it is possible to attach documents, pictures and reports.

On completion of an audit or examination, observations are registered and actions assigned. These actions can be followed up per audit or examination, or via the use of the overall action tracker.


Checklist templates can be defined for various kinds of audits or examinations. Predefined templates are available for new audits or examinations, and it is also possible to tailor a checklist for a specific audit or examination.

Concession and deviation requests

Pims is an electronic tool to facilitate the capture, review, approval, monitoring, controlling and communication of project and functional Concession and Deviation Requests. The workflow can be configured or customized to fit the organization’s procedures.

An easy-to-use web application assists project members to interact effectively with contractors.

Workflow templates can be defined to ensure efficient processing of concessions and deviation requests. Actions are assigned and followed up using the integrated action tracking system.

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
(+47) 9828 6898
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