Pims Sync - Azure Active Directory Setup

Configure Azure Active Directory to allow Pims Sync access to read user profiles

Register Pims Sync as an Application in Azure Active Directory

Log in to https://portal.azure.com or https://manage.windowsazure.com and navigate to  your Azure Active Directory resource.

  • Select Applications Registrations
  • Click Add to create a new Application Registration
  • Type in the name of the application, e.g. Pims Sync
  • Select the Type: "Web App / API"
  • Type in a redirect URL, https://localhost
  • Click Create

Now that Pims Sync application is defined as an application in the Azure Active Directory you need to get the Application ID, create an Key and Grant Permissions

  • Select the newly created Application Pims Sync in the list of Applications
  • Copy the "Application Id" and save it
  • Click Keys
  • Type in a Description, e.g. Pims Sync.
  • Select the duration for the key, recommended is 1 year
  • Click Save
  • After saving the record the key will be displayed, save it

Grant Access

  • Click Required Permissions
  • Select Windows Azure Active Directory
  • Select "Read Directory" and "Sign in and read user profile"
  • Click Save
  • Click Add
  • Select Microsoft Graph and click Select button
  • Select "Read full users profile" and "Read Directory"
  • Click Save
  • Click Grant Access