Pims Insights

Continuously improve the quality and performance of our products and services. As part of this process we depend on feedback and real-time usage statistics from customers' Pims Installations. 

Pims Insights is our tool for this purpose and can be set up to automatically collect certain application security, compliance, diagnostic and performance statistics from an installation. Diagnostics and usage information includes details about Pims specifications, performance statistics, and data about which Pims modules that are actively used.

What data is collected

  • Error messages generated by the user activity or system operations
  • Application Statistics
  • Application Jobs status
  • Application Domain and User Activity

What data is NOT collected

  • Pims application content/data is not collected.
  • Data Traffic, CPU usage and other server/IT related information
  • Software information or details from 3rd party applications


  • Read access to Pims framework database (required)
  • Read access to SQL Server: SQL Agent Jobs (optional)
  • Read access to SQL Server: Server Definition and State (optional)
  • Read access to Web Server: Windows Services (optional)
  • Read access to Web Server: Internet Information Services (optional)

Pims Diagnostic Agent

A Windows Service is installed on a Windows based server, preferably the Pims Web Server, that can reach the Pims database through a standard SQL Connection. The service is configured to check for diagnostics and performance data on a certain time interval. The recommended interval is every 30 minutes, but this can be changed per service. The amount of data for the recommended interval is approximately 1 MB, except for first run, wherein the data amount will be in the range of 5 to 20 MB.

All data send to Omega AS analysis servers is encrypted using HTTPS. The service needs to authenticate to a dedicated data store using a per client access signature. This access signature is assigned to the service and is renewed yearly.


Overview of user activity, events, available updates, notifications, journal etc.

Service Health

Server info and events. Backup status and Disaster Recovery Test results

Azure operational insights

We have integrated Pims Insights platform with Azure Operation Manager to get extended Service Health insights into all services within Azure and Pims