Pims365 Mobile App privacy

The app Pims365 are used for registering Incident reports. The app retrieves and stores a list of Pims 365 projects (and their web-url) that the user (identified by mobile phone number) are approved to access. When the user selects a project the access to this web-url are again verified by a pin-code sent as a text message.

For later access, the application stores: The users mobile phone number and Cookies for the accessed web-sites.

  • The app contains a form for registering Incident Reports including attachments (files or pictures taken with the mobile camera)
  • The app sends this information to Pims365 (https://<solution>.pims365.no) where it is registered as an Incident Report and followed up accordingly.
  • The app allows using the device camera to attach pictures to the report.
  • All network traffic is carried out securely (https)

Pims365 does not collect user-data from other apps on your device. Also, the app doesn't access data on the users device beyond what the user choose to attach and send as a report.