Pims Cloud

Specification of service

Azure Cloud

  • The cloud for modern business
  • It’s open and flexible
  • It’s built to protect your data

Quality and Performance


Network Availability


  • Pims backup is held for 2 weeks* on Azure Geo Redundant Storage
  • Two days online backup for rapid Pims data recovery
  • Weekly full backup
  • Differential backup once a day and SQL transaction log backup every 120 minutes*
  • RTO: 24 Hours* and RPO: 6 Hours*

  • *Can be adjusted per customer

Disaster Recovery

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Procedure to recover the Pims solution
  • Internal testing of Disaster Recovery Procedures annually on a temporary instance (customer like solution)
  • Client-specific testing available via a separate agreement

Network usage

SQL Server

  • In our environment, the SQL Port is a custom port per Pims Solution

Azure Cloud App or IIS Web Server

  • Port 443 is used for HTTPS. By default, all sites is setup with HTTPS and no HTTP access, but can be setup if required

Azure Cloud Storage or Windows File System

  • Pims Client (Windows and Web) will communicate over HTTPS to upload and download files. The Pims Web Server will communicate with its filestore


  • Pims build-in Mail service uses Office 365 to send out emails


Client (In transit)

  • SSL/TLS - Secure Server Certificate - 2,048-bit key size
  • Secure Cipher Suits*
  • Secure Protocols*
  • Appframe Security prevents SQL injection and cross-site scripting

Server (At rest)

  • SQL TDE*
  • Azure Storage Encryption*
*In cooperation with the customer

Server Software

  • Azure Cloud App or Microsoft Web Server (Internet Information System 8.0)
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server Web 2012 or later
  • Azure Cloud storage or Windows File System

Client Software

  • Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Modern browser

Appframe Architecture