Pims Completion Management

Training and User Guide

Pims General User Interface

The aim of this guide is to introduce the core concepts and techniques you will require to use Omega’s Project Information Management System - Pims version R4.

Abbreviations and Terminology

Common abbreviations and terminology used in Pims CMS.

Setup and Configuration

Set-up key parameters in Pims CMS.


Create and manage Engineering Registers. Import and verification of tags.


  • Setup

    Add Projects, Systems, Subsystems and Boundary Drawings. Create and manage Checklists, Events and Types.

  • Planning

    Create a visual Project Lookahead.

  • Scoping

    Scope Tags to Types and Subsystems. Add default Checklists. Add Packages, Test Packs, Loops and Job cards. Project Explorer.

  • Printing Checklists

    Print Checklists.

  • Status Update

    Update Checklist status: Manual status update, electronic status update - scanning of QR codes. Add and manage Punch Items.

  • Reporting

    View Completion status, print status and progress reports, export data, distribute reports.

  • Handovers

    Verify readiness for Handover and formal handover of Packages, Subsystems and Disciplines.

  • Commissioning

    Create and manage Commissioning Procedures.

  • Home screen

    Customize your own Home screen and productivity widgets.


Create and manage Preservation Checklists and Weekly Worklists. Report Preservation status.

Electronic Preservation

Paperless Preservation using 'My Preservation Tasks' web app.

Completion Offline Application

Windows store application for filling in checklists and punching.

Non-Standard Features

Field Check Reports, ATEX Certificates and Discipline Acceptance Certificates.