Pims Cost Management

This user guide provides an explanation of features and functionality in Pims Cost Management.

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Project Control Basis

This module includes the core features required to control cost on the project; WBS, Work Packages, register estimate, set up cost plans and report status

Contract Management

The Contract Management module focus on the contracts and all changes to the contracts, both committed and potential changes.

Invoice Verification

The module can be used for verification of invoices and to make sure the all invoices are coded against correct WBS.

Quantity Management

The Quantity Management module can be a valuable tool in providing realistic forecasting by having a detailed control of all the quantities and unit prices

Owner Split

For joint-venture projects, the Owner Split module is used for tracking cost and prepare separate status reports for the owners of the project


The Personnel module is used for following up project management team cost and resource planning

Cost Change and Contingency Management

The changes to the control estimates (MCE or CCE) can be tracked and documented using the Cost Change Management functionality. It also supports tracking and estimation of contingency drawdown. The changes are identified, categorized and estimated. Both pending and approved changes can be tracked.


Definitions and explanation of the key terms used in Pims


  • Dashboard

    Use the dashboard to gain an overall picture of project costs in one location. View the high level cost information or drill down into lower level WBS codes for more details. Utilize graphs and tables for cumulative and periodic project cost status. Control the dashboard visibility through the security settings.
  • Forecasting

    Monitor the actual cost for the PMT and forecast based on position durations and rates logged in the personnel module. Track key earned value indicators like cost performance, cost variance and schedule performance.
  • Monthly Reporting

    Quickly and easily set up a reusable template for monthly reporting. Gain a standard monthly reporting process with standard look and feel. Minimize the time required by PMT members to generate the monthly report.
  • Pivot Tables

    View the cost and progress performance against the baseline. Archive baselines automatically when a new baseline is activated. Take advantage of the powerful reporting and analysis tools including cost curves and pivot reports.