Pims General User Interface

The purpose of this guide is to introduce the core concepts and techniques you will require to use Omega’s project information management system - Pims.

Getting Started with Pims

In this chapter we cover the basic skills you will require to log-on to Pims, and how to navigate around the system.

Navigating in Pims Win-forms client

This section explains how to navigate in Pims Win-client and describes common elements in Pims Win-applications.


This section explains basics about the Reports in Pims. Learn how to open a report, apply different filters, create watermarks and print it out.

Using Filters

Learn how to use filters in Pims. Section explains how to create filter criterias, save filters and share them among team members.

Project Setup

This section describes the setup of registers common for all Pims modules related to the project (current domain) or global ones, which affect all domains e.g. Persons, Companies and Calendars.

General Notifications and Digest Emails

Learn about the cross-module notifications system and how users can configure Pims to send less emails into their mailboxes (only some modules support that feature).