Pims Workflow

Paperless workflows for consistent and effective execution.

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Pims Workflow

Paperless workflows for consistent and effective execution.

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  • Electronic Workflow support for any business process across your organization
  • Common user interface across all work processes
  • Email notification and audit logging
  • Available 24/7 from any location in the world, and compabible with all devices via web browser
  • Advanced reporting with drill down dashboards and dynamic reports and filters
  • Ensure processes are followed up correctly and efficiently with built-in workflow templates
  • Delegation of authority to others to keep your workflows moving while you are on leave
  • Minimize user training by using the intuitive web-based user interface
  • Maintain a zero footprint - no software installation required

Robust Workflow Engine

  • Easily configure new workflows and modify existing workflows
  • Automated emails notify users about required actions
  • Dashboards give vital status information on workflow records
  • Rich searching features and quick filters on key data
  • Control workflow's access through role-based permissions and confidentiality settings
  • Delegate your authority to another user to cover your tasks while out of office
  • Export workflow records into detailed PDF reports, or export workflow register to Excel
  • Standard workflow templates for a variety of processes included out of the box

Feature Rich Dashboards and Reporting

  • Keep management up to date with drilldown project dashboards
  • Interactive dashboard controls, with features such as:
    • Click on report data set to drilldown into record details
    • Interactive chart legends allow users to hide or display data groups on charts
    • Export chart images for use in other media
  • Create and manage custom reports
  • Monitor performance by project
  • Use the flexible filter generator to help find the exact data you require
  • Share custom report filters with other users
  • Export reports as PDF and Excel files

Management of Change

  • Manage change requests and their impact on the project
  • Monitor changes over time, late actions, and in/out of scope changes across all projects while using the MOC dashboard
  • Determine the effect of approved changes on project cost

Nonconformance Report

  • Raise nonconformance reports to contractors, track responses, and approve implementation actions
  • Assign company and contractor SPOCs based on referenced contract
  • Review top 10 late NCR responses or drill down into chart details in the NCR dashboard


  • Raise Engineering or Technical Queries
  • Allow access to external parties to view existing queries or raise and participate in new ones
  • Monitor status of queries on one or many projects through the interactive Queries Dashboard

Lessons Learned

  • Build a corporate lessons learned database
  • Learn from other project experience to improve processes
  • Review and discuss raised lessons before incorporating them into the corporate database

Deviation Requests

  • Process requests to deviate from company standards
  • Assess deviation impacts on a project
  • Associate requests with other workflow records

Action Tracking

  • Assign and track actions to project personnel
  • Tie actions into other workflow processes
  • Monitor actions' status company-wide through the Action Tracking dashboard

Svein Tore Haraldseid

Project Systems Manager
(+47) 9828 6898
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